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woodcraft - talent and experience in issues regarding the woods (as hunting or fishing or camping)

offer Relevance Relevance ranks synonyms and implies the best matches dependant on how closely a synonym’s perception matches the perception you chose.

It was a winding, wonkish and sometimes obscure dialogue about foreign coal exploration, natural-gas pipelines and pig manure as an influence resource.

experience, endure, see - go or Dwell by means of; "We experienced quite a few trials to go through"; "he observed action in Viet Nam"

2 times the pope issued decrees supporting Spain’s claim to Columbus’s discoveries. Nevertheless the territorial disputes involving Portugal and Spain weren't resolved till 1494 whenever they signed the Treaty of Tordesillas, which drew a line 370 leagues west on the Azores as the demarcation among The 2 empires.

b. The general public disclosure of anyone's secret or mostly unfamiliar activity or curiosity, specially when thought to be embarrassing or compromising.

Blackthorn Golf Club is The perfect course for the future golfing outing.  When you have ever played a round at Blackthorn, you already know there is nothing traditional over it.

Most procedures exclude frequent routine maintenance like fluid leading offs and oil adjustments, but a couple of brands have different totally free-upkeep provisions, and those who do present them is little by little increasing. Bumper-to-bumper warranties normally expire quicker than powertrain warranties.

Conventional logging consists of analyzing and recording the Actual physical aspects of a effectively. One example is, the drill cuttings (pieces of rock displaced via the drilling from the well) are all examined and recorded, permitting geologists to physically analyze the subsurface rock. Also, core samples are taken by lifting a sample of underground rock intact on the surface, permitting the varied layers of rock and their thickness to get examined.

→ haben Sie Erfahrung im Busfahren?; experience in a occupation/in organization → Berufs-/Geschäftserfahrung f; to have a great deal of training experience → große Erfahrung als Lehrer(in) haben; he lacks experience → ihm fehlt die Praxis or praktische Erfahrung; He's Operating in a manufacturing facility to get experience → er arbeitet in einer Fabrik, um praktische Erfahrungen zu sammeln

The Protestant Reformation and also the Catholic church’s response during the Counter-Reformation marked the tip of a number of centuries of gradual erosion of the power of the Catholic church and also the climax to internal attempts to reform the church. Protestantism emphasized a private romance among Each and every personal and God without the need for intercession from the institutional church.

time - an individual's experience on a specific occasion; "he had a time Keeping again the tears"; "they had a great time collectively"

getting attained understanding from experience; proficient. an experienced mountaineer. her response ervare مُجَرِّب، ذو خِبْرَه опитен experiente zkušený erfahren erfaren; rutineret έμπειρος, πεπειραμένοςexperimentado kogenud با تجربه؛ کارکشته kokenut expérimentéמנוסה अनुभवी iskusan tapasztalt berpengalaman reyndur esperto 経験豊かな 경험이 많은 patyręs pieredzējis; piedzīvojis berpengalaman ervarenerfaren, øvetdoświadczony په تجربى سره experiente/experimentado experimentat опытный skúsený izkušen iskusan erfaren ซึ่งได้รับการฝึกฝน tecrübeli, deneyimli 有經驗的 досвідчений, обізнаний تجربہ کار có kinh nghiệm 有经验的

tr.v. ex·for every·i·enced, ex·for every·i·enc·ing, ex·per·i·enc·es To take part in personally; bear: experience an awesome adventure; experienced loneliness.

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